Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hunting Donkeys out in India

In August of 2009 several Scottish based paddlers descended on Ladakh in Northern India to go kayaking. We were heading for the Tsarap Chu and Zanskar rivers. This was our adventure;

We saw several donkeys.

Some monasteries.

The Deluxe Maxi Cab Taxi.

Was also a Deluxe Video Coach (with no video - what did we expect?)

Safety Fifth

Highest roadworks in the world that day? (8 August 2009)
Near Tanglangla

The morning view from the camp at Sarchu.

Camping sur la willie.
That's Calum in blue. Small? or Far away?

Here he is close up for reference

Reru Falls

The portage past Reru.

The chunky stuff round the corner from Reru Falls

This wee pourover required some reaction boating.

More chunky bits than a chocolate factory.

And relax.

Weird shistosity in the rocks.

No idea how those square mineral deposits form.

Mount Paburgio, 5191m near Padum.

Team Tsarap's final dinner before joining team Zanskar.

Iain 'JC' Murray, aka The Freak.

The Tsarap Chu (and us) came from up in those mountains.

The Doda came from up there.

Danesh, Lord of the Donkeys, on the Zanskar.

Mr Abercrombie didn't like the rum much.

Calum McNicol, lover of rock and beards.

Danesh, Donkey God, Sport Scotland's finest.

My wee friend.

Compo, Clegg and Foggy

Finally hat's off to Doug for organising logistics, very good man.

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