The West Coast Kayak Challenge

The West Coast Kayak Challenge is an idea I had inspired by the memory of my late and great friend Andrew Edwards.

In March of 2011 I will paddle a sea kayak from my home town of Largs, on the Firth of Clyde, up through most of the West Coast of Scotland to Stornoway (Steòrnabhagh) on the Isle of Lewis, where Andy was from.

The planned route takes in 313 miles of stunningly exposed coastline with interesting tidal waters, no doubt a bit of harsh weather and due to the time of year there should be no midges to worry me. I'll be very happy if I complete it in two weeks (weather and daylight hours permitting) but it'll most likely take a lot longer.

I'm going to leave myself in the hands of what I pack in my boat and the folk I meet. This may just make the journey that little bit harder, but I'm sure it will also make it more interesting and worth documenting.

This map link shows the approximate route;

The West Coast Plan in a larger map

There are several places of personal, geographical and historical interest that I would like to visit as I pass along as close to my chosen route as is possible.

Any money I raise by doing this sponsored expedition will be donated, as follows;

45% to the Royal Marsden Hospital,
45% to the Beatson Oncology Centre,
And 10% for the RNLI because I'll be on the sea and you never know when you'll need them.

To donate to these causes in support of my journey please go to my charity giving page;

Although inspired by Andy's memory the journey is for all our family and friends who have fought cancer, young and old.

Here's to paddling the glorious West of Scotland in a sea kayak.